Why stick around when you quit smokeless tobacco?

High five supporter for quit smokeless tobacco

I recently had a member ask why the vets – (people with more than a hundred days of quitting under their belts) continue to stick around the website when they quit smokeless tobacco. Although I won’t speak on behalf of other members, I imagine our reasons are similar.

For me, taking a few moments to post everyday is a good reminder of how tough it was in the beginning after I quit. Using smokeless tobacco was such a big part of my life in the past that I never went more than a few hours without dipping. So what is wrong with posting every day even though I no longer have cravings? Absolutely nothing.

I have observed over the years that people who stick around and help new quitters by giving their support have a higher long term success rate. At one time I personally had over a thousand days of quitting behind me and I ended up using again. As I looked at what led to me caving, the answer was simple. I drifted away from the quit community and started listening to the whispers of “you can have just one or two and be ok”. I don’t want to make that mistake again so I will be here every day for a very long time.

In response to the above question posed to the vets, one vet answered that he may now be addicted to posting roll every day, but that sure as hell beats being addicted to 2 cans of snuff a day. Now that is some logic I can stand behind.

We applaud the first steps you take when you quit smokeless tobacco, just remember that this is a life long commitment.