Why Post Early Every Day?

Whats the big deal about posting your promise early every day? Posting early when you are just starting out is paramount. It sets your head right early in the day before the nic bitch starts whispering in your ear.

many quitters have said that an early post in the morning has saved their bacon more than once. A daily promise means something. Your word/promise means something. You may not have a lot of control of things that are going on in your life – but you do have control of your word.

Trends that have been noticed over time is that people who post early in the morning tend to take their quits more seriously. They post every day, without fail and reach the finish line. People who post from time to time every few days have a much lower success rate.

Is it a requirement to be a successful quitter? No, but how serious are you about quitting. You are going to be in a fight to get away from the most addictive substance on the planet. Get your head in the game and make a commitment to post every day and post early.