Another reason to quit smokeless tobacco

Using Smokeless Tobacco and Erectile Dysfunction

We have some pretty good lists of side effects from stopping tobacco use in our “articles” section – but here is one not mentioned. Need a really good reason to quit smokeless tobacco? How about this – it can cause erectile dysfunction (limp dick) and kill your libido.

It all makes perfect sense if you think about it. One reason to quit smokeless tobacco is improvement of cardiovascular health, right?. Nicotine constricts blood vessels when ingested, thereby decreasing overall blood flow. This makes it harder for your heart and blood vessels to work effectively. Guess what else does not work well with decreased blood flow?

You have to have good micro-vessel circulation to have and erection. I mean, if you really need a reason to quit, knowing the relationship between using snuff and erectile dysfunction might help you out.

Here is a small article on the topic. They throw in the added benefit of infertility as a side effect as well. My suggestion – ditch the dip and have a healthy sex life.

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