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Your support group for quitting snuff

Welcome aboard. You have now found your very own support group for quitting snuff. Make sure to sign up for the forum where you will receive real time support from ex-tobacco users. There are no fees, at all, to join this site. We do ask that you not post in any quit group if you are actively using tobacco. This also includes any other type of nicotine replacement (patch, gum, etc.)

Why are we here? It’s pretty simple, we now live a tobacco free life and want you to do the same thing if you are ready to quit dipping snuff. Quitters have learned that by getting a support group, their chances of success are much higher. So now you have found your own support group of people who know exactly what you go through when you stop dipping.

In short, there is no hidden agenda here. Life is better without tobacco and I want you to know that better life. We are simply ex-smokeless tobacco users, willing to give a helping hand. Its one of the toughest things you can do in your life but it is also one of the most rewarding. You can quit dipping snuff, I promise.

What works – getting a support group for quitting smokeless tobacco, getting involved in your group and posting a daily promise that you will quit dipping snuff.

What doesn’t work – half ass quitting, cutting back on usage, setting future quit dates, excuses.

Please look at a few articles from quitters who have hit 100 days snuff free, good reads if you are considering taking the journey.

One day at a time by Dayton

Dugan’s hall of fame speech

How Stupid am I?

Larry’s hall of fame speech

Welcome to the site – hope to see you soon in the forums.

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  1. Hey, guys. Not too sure if I’m posting this right, but this will be my first day. My first real day of not chewing since I was 16 years old. That’s when I consider it real – I don’t count the dabbling in 5th grade with pouches we stole from the drug store. Since high school I have progressively increased my usage to a steady two cans per day. I never even thought of quitting until 8 years ago when I was getting married. I went cold turkey for two weeks. It didn’t work. I decided chew was just part of me and it was too late to try to undo any harm it may have caused. Part of me still feels that way. But after 37 years, my teeth feel like chicklets and I have a troubling cough that doesn’t go away. I’m ready to try for real this time and hope that you all can help.

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