How to stop dipping tobacco – 10 steps

Looking down a spiral staircase representing 10 steps to stop dipping tobacco

Looking for some pointers on how to stop dipping tobacco? Pull up a chair, you are in the right spot to learn how to kickstart your quit.

Here are 10 steps to stop dipping tobacco and get you on the right track

  • Make today your day to stop dipping tobacco. Waiting until a later day never works, we have all done that before and it is just an excuse to keep dipping. We are all professional procrastinators. Make up your mind that today is the day you draw a line in the sand.
  • Find a support group of other people who have chosen to stop dipping tobacco. You do not have to quit alone. This step is the most crucial and is the key to our success. Having other quitters to lean on who have been where you are and will help you every step of the way is priceless. The community forums are the cornerstones of many successful quitters success.
  • Tell the people around you that you have decided to stop dipping tobacco. Advise them that they will need to be patient with you as you start this new chapter of your life. You will not be yourself for awhile, but your loved ones will be very happy you are starting this new chapter in your life.
  • Expect a reasonable timeline before you start to truly feel better. You have probably dipped for many years. You are not going to feel normal after one to two weeks of not dipping snuff anymore. Time frames vary for quitters, but usually it takes one to two months before you start feeling normal after you stop dipping tobacco.
  • Don’t use any other form of nicotine. Patches, gums, mints and sprays do not work. Now they even have nicotine dipping pouches without tobacco. Why would you do that instead of dip regular tobacco? Do you think it is healthier? It isn’t. Your blood pressure, heart rate and stomach/bowel issues will all continue to be effected the same way if you dip tobacco or the “healthier” stuff. Listen, all you do is start the withdrawal process over when you use these products, so don’t put yourself through that.
  • Do use other forms of oral fixation methods. Sugar free mints, gum, sunflower seeds, fake snuff and whatever else you want to use. I mean, seriously use whatever else it takes. Some guys have “dipped” cotton balls before. Its ok to feed this psychological side of your addiction. This will improve over time. There are lots of fake dips out there that you can use at time. Fake dip made out of coconut, corn silk and other stuff. Go for it as long as you choose a nicotine free substance. Whether you use the fake snuff or load up on the myriad of awesome sunflower seeds or gums is up to you. The takeaway is that this is one of the most important steps you can take. Trick your brain into getting its fix as you conquer each day tobacco free.
  • Have some backup phone numbers of people you can call or text when you are having thoughts about caving – it is called accountability and this is another super important cornerstone. When you get involved in the forums you are surrounded by people who ALL want you to succeed. Get to know them and tell them what you need when you are struggling. They can help when the other people around you do not know what you are going through.
  • Make a list the day you decide to quit (today) and tell yourself every day, first thing in the morning why you decided to stop dipping tobacco. It is going to get tough, guaranteed. Having a reminder of why you quit in the first place cemented in your brain is just one more tool you can use when the thought of giving in creeps in on you.
  • Educate yourself. Nicotine is a powerful enemy and possibly the most addictive substance on the planet. Read articles from other quitters about how they quit. Also, read some articles from reputable websites about the bad effects tobacco has on your health.
  • Number 10!!! Here you go, are you ready? The last step is to take a deep breath and relax. This is an awesome thing you are doing. We support each other here but we also have a lot of fun. Many times I hop into the forums to see whats going on and end up literally laughing out loud while I read the posts. Come on in and say hello, it might just change your life forever. See you on the forum.

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