Rob’s HOF speech

It’s been 100 days tobacco/nicotine free for me. Whoever said “quitting is easy” must have never truly quit… yet. Like me, they probably just “stopped” a bunch of times only to eventually give in for some reason, again (and again and again). To be honest, I know I’m not out of the woods because I still get cravings. The good news is dealing with the craves does become easier over time.

I had tobacco in my mouth on and off for almost 40 years (mostly in). I started dipping in high school when it was a “cool” thing to do. I tried quitting dozens if not 100s of times since then. There was a time when I was stopped for nearly a year and then caved like an idiot. Why? Because I’m addicted to nicotine. There is no cure for nicotine addiction. There is no casual use of it, no using it in moderation – it always ends the same way for me… with that drug needing to be first in my life. I am and always will be addicted to nicotine, which is why I will NEVER use it again. I know all too well the failure that happens from having “just a little” or only for a “special occasion”. I might be quit for 100 days but I won’t let my guard down again; every morning I promise to quit for that day.

I must thank all the folks on the LDF board (especially the “old timers”) for their daily support, encouragement, celebrations, humor, and words of wisdom. YOU have made this part of my journey possible. I am humbled by your commitment to us anonymous fellow-addicts.

For anyone on the “outside” reading this, you know you need to stop putting that crap in your mouth and body. It is not easy to quit, but you know you need to. There is help, hope, and even friendship inside here. You should know you are not alone in your battle to quit, and the folks here won’t let you down.

Rob – May 10, 2022