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One of the Best Tools in Your Quit Bag

When it comes to quitting the dip you are already aware of the huge challenge you are up against. Knowledge is power and I do suggest you read everything you can about getting and staying tobacco free. Along with your own research, let me give you a little quit smokeless tobacco advice. Get some real-time daily support from ex-tobacco users. You can get this daily on our quit smokeless tobacco forum. It is hard to accurately explain the mental boost that comes from getting support from people who have been where you are and want you to succeed as they have. Daily support and accountability have been the cornerstone of many quitters success.

Quit Chewing Tobacco Forum

Daily interaction with quitters is just plain awesome. In the beginning you lean heavily on the forum members as you try to figure out how to live your life without your daily dose of nicotine. It is tough to quit and it is so important to have someone talk you off the ledge when you are thinking about caving. There is a connection that happens when you get involved in the quit dipping forum. As much as your family and friends may support your attempts at quitting, they just don’t know what you go through. Its’s hard for a non-smokeless tobacco user to understand why you just can’t quit. They also would have a hard time understanding why you have a craving that comes out of the blue after you have been snuff free for over a year. We get it though, and we can help you prepare for some of the pitfalls that are ahead of you.

How Long do People Stay on the Quit Smokeless Tobacco Forum?

Most members stick around for a very long time, not because they are struggling, but because they want to help new members out. Something clicks in your brain along your journey as your clean days start to add up. You go from having serious self doubts about every successfully quitting, to realizing you are actually doing it, to wanting to help other people out of addiction. Another reason people stay on the forum for long periods of time is that you will make friends along the way. We are from all walks of life, from East Coast to West and from North to South. For 5 minute a day we log into our quit dipping forum and check on each other. I look forward to checking on friends every day. No matter how crazy things get in life I know that posting Roll Call daily will give me a few minutes of sanity. It’s a little checkmark in the “win” column every day.

How does this work?

Simple. You register on the site and make your way to the quit smokeless tobacco forum. If you click “community” at the top menu bar, you will be taken to the forum pages. Right now we have two main pages – one for newbies who have less than 100 days clean and one for over 100 days. You go into your room and put your name and the days that you have tobacco free. Day one is a gimme. Day one is the day you decide to give this a try. I you have a dip in right now, spit it out and go post a day one by your name. You post is your promise to your fellow quitters that you will not dip for 24 hours. You do the same thing next day. This way of quitting is so simple and it absolutely works. With all the insanity that comes with the quit – then cave and buy a can cycle – why wouldn’t you join a group of quitters who can show you how to succeed? Honestly, what do you have to lose?

Excuses don’t work on a quit dipping forum

I had a guy I was chatting with online one day who said he was ready to quit. His story was like most of ours. He had been dipping for years, tried to quit using nicotine replacement therapy, gum, lozenges etc. He told me he got the group concept and mentality but there was no way he was going to log in everyday and post his promise. Well, keep doing it your way buddy because that obviously is working great for you.

We recently had two new quitters join up. During their first 10 days there were gaps in their daily posting on Roll Call. When the members told them that their chances of success were less if they didn’t put out a little more effort they got pissy. One of the two said that he likes to “unplug” on the weekends. Really? Do you think he unplugged from dipping on the weekends? Highly doubtful. The other guy said he was just forgetful. Do you think he ever “forgot” to pack his lip? I know I never forgot.

Change Your Mindset

Talk about insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results. You have an opportunity to beat this addiction forever by spending 5 minutes a day on your computer or cell phone. Do we expect you to post everyday? No. But, during your first 100 days it is highly, highly encouraged. Here is another piece of quit smokeless tobacco advice, post your promise early in the morning. When you get up first thing in the morning and post your promise on our Roll Call it takes the option of dipping off the table for the day. It gets your mind in a good position to shoot those cravings down when they come. And on this board your word still has meaning and integrity. Pretty refreshing during these times we live in.


I look forward to seeing you in the quit smokeless tobacco forum. Like most things in life, you get out of it what you put in. We have a small group of fun, committed long term quitters who would like nothing more that to help you get off the dip for good. Come on and introduce yourself. This little forum may just be what you need to succeed for good. You can access our awesome forum HERE

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