Quit Dipping Snuff Starting Today

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If you are reading this article chances are you have looked in the mirror before and asked yourself “how do I quit dipping snuff?”. Everyone has to eventually figure out for themselves how to quit dipping snuff, but there are some factors that we have found in common with fellow quitters.

How to quit dipping snuff? Get angry!

One of the biggest success factors for people who learn how to quit dipping snuff is a new found hatred for tobacco. People start to get pissed off at an addiction that has basically beaten their own willpower into the dirt. How many times do dippers promise themselves that today is the day, only to break down a few hours later and drive to the gas station to purchase a can? At some point people just get sick of getting their butts kicked by an expensive weed. Being sick and tired of this viscous promise-then-cave cycle turns into anger. A lot of people that once wanted to know how to quit dipping snuff used that anger as a key motive for quitting. They channeled their anger into a “never again” attitude and decided to do whatever it took to stop dipping tobacco for good.

How to quit dipping snuff? Quit for Yourself.

You have to quit for yourself, not someone else. I have seen a lot of people get badgered into quitting by a wife, girlfriend, kids, etc. While having loved ones as a reason to quit, it cannot be your only or main reason or you will possibly fail. Let me take you down a very short path to a cave.

You decide to quit because you are tired of your wife nagging your butt. You love your wife, but you also love your butt and would like to keep that intact. So you hop online and do some google searches, read some articles, find out the key to stop dipping tobacco is to join a site like this one. You post on Roll Call everyday and about a week after quitting you get into a knock down drag out fight with your wife. You are already on edge because you have not had any nicotine for a week and now you are completely pissed off at the number one reason you quit in the first place.

See where I am going with this? You have to quit for yourself first. Be as selfish in your quitting as you were with your tobacco when you are actively dipping. Being selfish isn’t a bad thing for a quitter. Nothing can piss me off enough or let me down enough to make me go buy a can. Being selfish will allow me to add years of my life with my wife, kids, other family members and friends.

No More Excuses

One of the top keys in learning how to quit dipping is honestly. Here is the deal. Addicts are great at excuses and you are and addict. Read that sentence again. Once that you accept the fact that you are a bonafide addict, you have actually taken the first step of breaking the chains of tobacco addiction. Cut the BS and start being honest with yourself and others. No more lies. No more “I’ll only dip on long road trips” or “I’ll only dip when I play poker, golf, hunt” etc. When someone finds one of your cans you no longer say “oh, that must have been one of my old cans from when I was still using”. Sound familiar? Honestly is one of the most important corner stones that all addicts use to beat addiction.

How to quit dipping snuff? Find your support group

Get support from people who have also asked themselves how to quit dipping snuff. Living Dip Free is a free website that has the support that you need at your fingertips. Be honest with yourself and realize that this addiction is bigger than your will power alone. Join our community and become a part of something positive in your life. If I told you that spending 5 minutes a day posting your promise to other quitters would be the biggest chance of success you may have, would you do it? If the answer is “no” then you are probably not ready to quit. That’s just the unfortunate truth. That’s ok, just come back when you are ready.

On the other hand, if the answer is “yes” then congratulations. You have just figured out one of the keys to quit dipping snuff. You decided to become part of a quit group that understands exactly what you feel like and will be there to offer help anytime you need it.

How to quit dipping snuff? Choose your path.

There are a few answers that people have when asked “how do I quit dipping snuff”. Personally, I know that the stuff in the above article works. It has worked for me and it has worked for many others. The most important thing is that you quit this disgusting, unhealthy habit. We are here to offer one avenue of quitting, free of charge with no strings attached. Keep trying to quit your way or take a leap of faith today and try something new.


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