One Thing

by Breen 2003

I wish I could tell you that it’s all over after the first 100…but that’s just the first major accomplishment. It’s like…the QUITSMOKELESS UNIVERSITY (Now LDF). After 100 days you graduate into a class of people who have all worked hard to get where they are. But now you have to take what you have learned, and apply it to the craves that linger outside the University walls.

YOU made the decision to enter Quitsmokeless. No one made you come in here. You knew it would be difficult as HELL but you still crossed that line and entered the battlefield. WHY???

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself some hard questions. You’ve proven to yourself you can string together quite a few consecutive tobaccoless days. Are you ready to commit to a healthy tobacco free life? Or are you going to be unfaithful? You can’t have both. You’re either committed…or you’re not. And you have to answer that question for yourself. Maybe on a daily basis for quite awhile. And THAT is the only way you’re going to give yourself the GIFT of a tobacco free life.

In the movie CITY SLICKERS…Curly holds up his pointer finger and says the secret of life is “…this one thing.”
That one thing, he says, “…is for you to figure out.”
I think that applies perfectly to our situation here. The secret to our success has to be …ONE THING. Whatever that ONE THING is…is up to each of us individually to decide. And I think it’s extremely important that we figure out what that ONE THING is. Because that ONE THING is the weapon that we warriors carry with us everywhere we go. That ONE THING is our greatest defense against the evil of the DIP DEMON. It’s something that we can depend on in the most trying of times. Once we KNOW…and I mean ABSOLUTELY KNOW WITH CONVICTION…then we KNOW that everything is going to be alright. There are powers out there that want to see us fail.
…But it won’t matter.
We shall not fail.

When you have found your ONE THING and placed it in your heart…your strength is immeasurable.
…Will there be times you are faced with weakness??? Temptation??? Paranoia???


…You will relax.
You will recall your weapon.
You will open yourself up to the power that resides in knowing your ONE THING…and a calmness will come over you that will allow you to experience the weakness…WITHOUT FEAR…not to act on it…and to let it pass right through.

You can do this.

We all can do this.

To be going through all of this with no goal in mind. Or with no strategy…is asking for trouble during the craves.

And I may talk a big game…but I am only reciting what I have learned through all of my most difficult times.
The dry mouth…the throbbing gums…the tingling lips…the heart racing…the paranoia…the dip dreams…the sweats…the headaches…the stress…the Dip Demon poisoning my thoughts with all the reasons to have “JUST ONE”.

…just breathe…

It’s going to be alright.

Close your eyes…
…that it IS going to be alright.

You are in control now.

The war is not over.
It will NEVER be over.

But now…you have found your most powerful inner WEAPON…and you need not hide.

You can stroll through the battlefield
…and you can relax,
…because you finally know.

You know…that it’s not about dip anymore.
It’s not about the lies, like: I need it to concentrate.
It’s not about a buzz
It’s not about the tobacco.
It’s not about the nicotine.

It’s about the part of you that was missing.
That part of you that you filled-in with something that drugged you, made you forget, and made you blind.

Now you have your ONE THING and you no longer need to be “hooked up” to THE LIE.



Quitsmokeless grows stronger by the day…
…lives are being taken back.

…the Dip Demon has much to fear.


Used with permission from the Quit Smokeless Organization