One Day at a Time – Dayton Brown

One Day at A Time
I was on day 99 and working on my speech. My, “accomplishment isnt anything special”, came to mind. It is “special” because your defeating nicotine. You killed your bestfriend. You learn nicotine isnt your bestfriend. You developed a loneliness. You struggle physically, mentally and emotionally. You are in a war against a enemy that’s attacking your brain. Your winning. Your brain will retaliate almost anyway possible to get its fix. Most people will never understand! Others think it’s simple or don’t care. We go through Hell!!! Then others will be too scared to try to quit.
We should take pride in our quit. We defeat the most addictive poison you can ingest, daily. People can quit opioids but not nicotine. Think about the power that we reclaim every day. A toxin that hijacks our brain. We defeat this monster one day at a time.
I am 40 years old and started dipping when I was 15. I was 35 the first time I quit. I was clean for about 2.5 years and I started back. I quit 3 more times for a combined year. The difference this time. I am doing this strictly for me and full hearted. I find, the accountability of my quit group, extremely helpful. The friendships made with people in the same situation. The ability to help others. I pledge one day at a time to remain nicotine free for life.