Larry’s HOF speech

100 days. I will tell you it was not easy, mood swings feeling of easy failure and battle with sleep. I went through a scared spell that I was glad I posted about because all the advice from that pushed me through to today. I did it and I know it doesn’t stop here. I wanted to quit for myself this time in the past it was for others. I tried to count how many days each week instead of just focusing one day at a time. advice to new Quitters TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME. I learned very fast that it was was easier to just say I can do this today. getting on roll early was important in my quit. When I did miss it was because I was busy and when I kept my self busy It took my mind off of dip. thank you so much for the support in this group you all rock. Advice to all new Quitters

1) get on roll daily
2) get phone numbers and text when your feeling like shit or need help getting on roll.
3) take it one day at a time you can do anything for one day.
5) Read what all of the vets have to say they have already been through it.
6) Stay strong and have faith.

here is to 100 and many more I quit agin today. Thank you all!!!