Dugan’s Hall of Fame Speech

I started using Copenhagen in 1958. I was ten years old. Back then no one knew it was bad for you, nor thought of it as habit forming. Everyone I knew smoked, and/or chewed tobacco. When we worked cattle seems like us kids were alway either hungry or thirsty, so the older folks would give us a chew of tobacco to ease our suffering. When I started dipping Copenhagen was ten cents a can, and a roll was ten cans for a dollar. The last time I bought a roll, they came five cans to a roll and cost thirty-five dollars. From ten cents to seven dollars per can. You’d think the cost would be reason enough to quit, and I must say it did play a role in my quitting. I rarely spit when I dipped, and I put a dip in first thing every morning. Even before coffee. I kept a dip in until lunch, and put another one in right after lunch. I did the same at supper until time for bed. Then in October of twenty – twenty I got sick. I thought I had gall bladder problems, because I couldn’t keep anything down. It turned out I had a cancerous tumor in my stomach, which brought about surgery. The doctor got it all, but I figured dipping snuff didn’t help my situation. Thus, I made up my mind to quit. I decided to treat dipping like an alcoholic treats alcohol. That is don’t take that first drink, or in my case that first dip. At first one hundred days seemed unreachable, so I attacked it like eating an elephant. One bite at a time. In this case it was one hour, then one day at a time. Finding this site has been a great help too, by making me accountable every day, and getting encouragement from all of you here. It is doable, and if I can do it, so can all of you.
Congrats Dayton on fifty days. You’re half way there. Keep on keepin on brother.
Larry you’re less than a week behind me. You got this too. I’ll see y’all in the post 100 room. The journey continues.
Thanks guys for the send off. The best part of not dipping for me, is not having to worry if I’ll run out.
See you boys in the next room.