Dipping Alternatives and Chewing Tobacco Alternatives

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Quitting dip is usually not easy for anyone when they decide to toss the can in the trash for good. In the quit community there are always a few popular discussions surrounding nicotine replacement (gums, patches, etc) versus dipping alternatives and chewing tobacco alternatives to help with cravings. While using alternatives that use nicotine is a bad idea there are some really cool other dip substitutes out there.

If you feel that using fake dip helps you beat your addiction then go for it! Many, many quitters have used dipping alternatives at some point in their quit. Some folks dip a can or two and decide it isn’t for them. Some quitters find that using chewing tobacco alternatives help a tremendous amount, and there is a reason for this. There is more to dipping than just the nicotine rush that we enjoy. The physical motions of packing a can, then packing a dip can be just as satisfying. So, you can basically trick your brain into not giving up everything you enjoy at once if you use a dipping alternative. Some guys rarely use the stuff but might pick up a can of fake dip when they are heading into a situation known to produce heavy triggers or cravings. For example, playing poker, fishing or yard-work can produce these cravings (even after being quit for a long time) because they were associated with heavier than normal dip use in the past. Also – hanging around a bunch of dippers could obviously be a potential downfall. So, there is nothing wrong with arming yourself with some dipping alternatives when heading into these situations.

I want to start a list of some of the popular dipping alternatives and chewing tobacco alternatives that I have heard about through the quit community. I will keep updating the fake dip list a little at a time. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions about your favorite or not so favorite fake dip. So, here we go!

Onward to the tobacco free dip and brief descriptions!

Whitetail Smokeless – (from their website) Tobacco free dip. Whitetail Smokeless is tobacco free and comes with or without nicotine. Looks, tastes, feels, packs and buzzes like traditional tobacco dip but without any of the dangers. Nothing to rot your teeth or gums. No molasses. No sugar. No Honey. No tobacco. Long cut. Keep the ritual, ditch the tobacco.

wintergreen, straight, mint and green apple

Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff – (from their website) If you’re looking for the best smokeless tobacco alternative that is 100% tobacco free and nicotine free, try Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff or Pouches.

8 Long cut flavors and 2 pouches. Wintergreen, Straight, Arctic mint, Classic, Cherry, Peach, Grape and Citrus. Some of these flavors sound pretty interesting.

Hooch Snuff – (from their website) – When trying to quit using tobacco, the inventor of Hooch Snuff tried all the herbal snuff products on the market. They just didn’t feel right, so he started looking for other ingredients that could be used to provide the same feel, taste and texture as the real tobacco products. He spent two years perfecting the recipe and process to provide the best tobacco free, nicotine free snuff on the market.

This brand has been out for awhile and I personally know some quitters who were quite fond of this brand. I think they have some great flavor choices – I may have to pick up a Whiskey sample.

Mint, Spitfire, Wintergreen, Classic, Cherry, Whiskey, Peach, Lime, Cinnamon, Spearmint.

Jake’s Mint Chew – Here is another one that has been a popular product on the scene for quite some time. – (From their website) Jake’s Mint Chew Company was established to help smokers and chewing tobacco users to quit a bad habit. Jake, a former tobacco chew user himself, decided to research healthy alternatives so he wouldn’t have to worry about oral cancer and the like.

Baccoff – (From their website) Over 28 years ago, one Dipper created BaccOff for himself and those who want to stop dipping. Even still, our dips continue to be the most realistic moist snuff alternative on the market. Our dip is 100% Nicotine and Tobacco free. Most importantly, we make every can of BaccOff with a black tea or peppermint leaf base and top quality, FDA approved ingredients.

These guys have lots and lots of flavors to choose from. Also, they have some of the best advertising for dipping alternatives I have seen, very entertaining.

Teaza Energy – (From their website) TeaZa is a multi-purpose nutritional energy supplement that uses powerful tea cut herbs and vitamins packed into a biodegradable pouch to be “dipped” (placed between lip and gum) or seeped in water for a flavorful stimulating experience.  TeaZa delivers smooth energy and mental focus with no crash, while also providing oral stimulation to curb cravings for snacks or tobacco products. 

Flavors – Looks like they have 11 to choose from. Of interest is the Mango Habenero, Spicy Cinnamon and Peppermint.

Java Chews – (From their website) – Java Chews is a tobacco and nicotine-free alternative to tobacco chew with a caffeine lift. It has the delicious flavors of coffee, from the sweet and bold flavor of Mocha to the fresh tingle of Winter Mint, with the kick of caffeine to give you that tobacco sensation. All in perfect-portion, single-serving pouches.

I am personally a coffee Lover! I am going to have to do some personal reviews on this stuff. They definitely have the right idea here for taste and a nicotine kick.

Long Ball Licorice – Now this looks cool. This is an alternative for plug chewing tobacco. It is basically a brick of licorice. They obviously get the thumbs up from many baseball sporting venues. They have lots of pics of major league players holding up their product. With Baseball having such a strong relationship with smokeless tobacco it is nice to see players promoting alternatives. With so many fake dip alternatives out there it is also nice to see a plug chewing tobacco alternative. Flavors include Black and Raspberry. very neat idea and a nice website you should spend a few minutes checking out.

Cowboy Coffee Chew – (from their website) Each tin contains 39 grams or 1.4 oz of chew and is made in the USA!  Ingredients are Fresh Ground Coffee, Honey, Sugar and Cream, just like a cup of coffee thus, “a cup in a pinch™”.  

It looks like they only have two flavors but sounds tasty. Their Amazon review shows 4 out of 5 stars with over 1500 reviews. That is some pretty solid data right there because ex-dippers are very opinionated about the fake dip.

Nip Energy Dip – (from their website)

Nip Energy Dip is a Smokeless Tobacco Alternative with Caffeine. Nip Energy Dip is available in long cut style. At the moment we have Wintergreen Ice, Peach, Mixed Berry and Coffee Flavors. Hand blended formula, Nip provides the user with an authentic and refreshing experience.

Again, being a coffee lover, I like the idea of fake dip with a caffeine buzz. Limited flavors but I like what I see.

Other substitutes for dipping alternatives

Of course there are tons of other ways to satisfy that oral fixation without the use of tobacco free dip. Gum, seeds, candy, coffee pouches and all kinds of stuff has been used over the years. When you quit dipping your taste buds come alive and you can start enjoying some really cool stuff.

Sunflower Seeds

Seeds were a cornerstone of my quit. You actually feel like your dipping while you crack your seeds and spit them out in a cup. They have some absolutely awesome flavors our there and they keep adding on. Love it!

David Sunflower Seeds – As of right now I am counting 9 different flavors on their website. Check this out – Dill Pickle (tried it and loved it), Sweet and Salty, Sweet and Spicy, Jalapeno hot salsa, BBQ (good stuff), Black Pepper (excellent), Buffalo ranch, Sour Cream and Onion, Spicy Queso. I mean, these just sound great – and this company is always coming out with new stuff. There are a few on this list I will be trying out this week.

BIGS Sunflower Seeds – Another awesome seed company. I have tried several of their products and they are always on point. Right now they have 14 different flavors listed on their website. Some of the more interesting are – Dill pickle, bacon salt sizzlin, Old Bay, Tapatio, Stubbs smokey sweet BBQ, Simply salted pumpkin and Black pepper pumpkin. Now my mouth is watering, thanks BIGS! Seriously, bacon seeds? I’m in!

Update: Just tried the “Chile Limon” with salsa picante. I’m giving it a 3/5 stars. It does have a nice salsa burn, but I cant taste any lime and it needs salt. Not a bad product – but it could be better.

Update to the Update: This product sucks – just chunked the bag. Don’t waste your money. I would put this on par with eating Mexican food in Canada.

Spitz Sunflower Seeds – Now that’s a name an ex-dipper would like. They have 8 different flavors for sunflowers and 2 for pumpkin seeds. The most interesting are the Salted Caramel, Spicy Sweet Chili and Chili Lime.

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