I Quit Smokeless Tobacco Five Years Ago


I can’t believe it has been five years honestly. I can easily remember the pain of the first two weeks after quitting. I was a complete zombie mess. I just made it through work each day and afterward just zoned out until bedtime. I had some really bad fog brain, which I have also written about here. I also remember how much easier the next two weeks were, and by the time I hit a hundred days I new I had this addiction squarely in my sites. As the days, months and years roll by, cravings are a think of the distant past. Well, an occasional craving hits out of the blue but only last a couple seconds.

So why do I stay close to this website after I quit smokeless tobacco five years ago? I have been asking myself that question quite a bit lately. I don’t need the day to day support I had in the beginning, so what am I getting out of this?

The first reason I am here is I want to give back. I thought at one point I would probably die with a dip in my mouth one day, and I was well on the way to do that. I know the feeling of frustration, failure and letdowns I experienced. I was tired of letting down my family as well. I want to pass along what I have learned, which was passed down to me. It feels good to help other people and I have seen lots of people break the chains of addiction over the last 5 years.

The second, and main reason I am still connected to Living Dip Free is the comrade I have experienced. I have been hanging out with a group of guys for over five years now. I know that may sound odd to someone who wants to try and do everything themselves, but the simple truth is that it has worked for me. We have become friends over the years and we have a common interest, stay dip free and help others. Knowing that you have a support group for quitting tobacco at your disposal at any time is a fantastic tool to have in your quit bag. Just because you quit, doesn’t mean that life doesn’t still happen. There will still be work, family, life and financial stress. It helps to know that for 5 years now I have had a group I can lean on and visa versa when those stressors come knocking at the door.

When I quit smokeless tobacco five years ago I didn’t know how long I would make at. At this stage of the game I can say I am never going back. Life is just too darn good. The joy I get out of helping new quitters and checking in with my quit brothers a few minutes each day feels way better than a 5 minute nicotine buzz I would get. No comparison.

Quit On!



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