Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

a windy road leading into dense fog, mental fog is one nicotine withdrawal symptoms

What to expect when you quit dipping snuff

So you decided to quit snuff or you are thinking about quitting, right? Well lets talk about nicotine withdrawal symptoms for a little bit and look at a quit dipping timeline. The most important thing to remember is that people quit tobacco, every day. You can, and will quit too if you commit to a new life of freedom from being a slave to a plant. Many people say going through nicotine withdrawal symptoms is one of the toughest things they ever did in their life – but you can imagine how good they feel when they come out the other side of this successfully?

Let’s be honest about what you are up against here. I happen to have a job where I encounter addicts from all walks of life. People addicted to tobacco (all types), alcoholics, THC, cocaine, methamphetamine, IV heroin – etc. I know people who have stopped using IV heroin, meth and cocaine who say they cannot kick the tobacco habit because it is too hard! Think about that – this legal drug may be harder to ditch than any illegal drug out there.

Quitting smokeless tobacco can be done though, and you have the power to make it happen and we are here to help.

Of course you are asking “what can I expect during the nicotine withdrawal phase”?

There are A LOT of snuff withdrawal symptoms from quitting dip. I wont list them all, and of course, some peoples’ symptoms are different than others. Let me hit a few high points though.

The High Points of snuff withdrawal symptoms

Cravings – the big one. Did you know that the average craving lasts only 3 minutes? It’s true! However, that short amount of time can be very intense. Time distortion is a thing during a craving and those three minutes can feel like an hour. Your heart rate can increase and you can break out in a sweat. You can feel very nervous/jittery, mad and unable to concentrate about anything other than dip. At this point you may start to have doubts about quitting. A nice big dip can really calm you down and help you function right? This should also be the point that you are honest with yourself about being an addict. If you are having cravings with physical side effects you are addicted. The cravings slowly start to vanish a few days after you spit out your last dip. They are very frequent the first week but by the end of week two most people are down to just a handful a day.

quit dipping timeline graph showing number of craves a day you should expect with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Nicotine withdrawal and irritability

Irritability – This is the gimme. Everyone knows that there will be times when you will be a total tool when you stop nicotine. This doesn’t give you a blank check to be a jerk to those that love you, but you should let them know that you might not be yourself for a few weks. When you feel like being a jerk, come to the forums here and vent, we will be here to support you.

Insomnia when you quit dipping

Insomnia – every quitter seems to have this issue. For some it lasts for days, for some weeks. Have a plan to deal with it. Know that you will have some sleepless nights ahead, which will make the above issue worse. Getting some exercise helps a lot of people with this issue.

Constipation and nicotine withdrawal

Constipation – Yep, this happens a lot. Nicotine directly stimulates the GI system in your body. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms cause receptors in your GI tract to be less stimulated. The end result is you may experience constipation for a few days. Lots of water and fiber can go a long way. Again, getting some exercise will help with this issue as well. There are also other alternatives.

When you quit dipping expect the mental fog to hit you like a hammer

The Fog – During snuff withdrawal this happens to everyone to differing degrees. It hit me especially hard. Expect the fog to hit about a week or so into your quit. The “fog” is mental fogginess. When you deprive hundreds of thousands of nicotine receptors in your brain from their daily feeding there is going to be consequences. The “fog” is a lack of mental clarity. It is possible that you may feel that you continually need a nap. Also, you may appear to have ADHD all of the sudden. Your mental sharpness may vanish for a period of time. The symptoms can last on and off for a couple of weeks. Just remember that you have only one job to do each day – do not dip. The fog is particular dangerous pitfall because you just get tired of feeling run down. It will pass though!

Some habits die hard

Here is a funny side effect from snuff withdrawal. After using for years, you are programmed to reach for that can. Even after you have quit dipping for weeks or months you will still find yourself reaching for that can in your pocket or truck console. You have been wired to reach for that can every so many minutes/hours for a long time. You basically have muscle memory for dipping that your brain will have to unlearn.

What to expect when you quit dipping – mouth pain

Mouth pain? Most users will have aching, painful jaws as your body starts to recover. This is normal during snuff withdrawal and it will go away after a couple of weeks. While I am on this subject, I will say that every ex-dipper is HIGHLY encouraged to go to the dentist and get an oral cancer screening. This can be scary after neglecting your oral hygiene for years, but you will be glad you did it.

Remember – the symptoms from snuff withdrawal are temporary, you will get over these symptoms if you continue to not dip.

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