How to Quit Smokeless Tobacco Now

So you think you might want to quit smokeless tobacco

Why would you want to quit dipping snuff in the first place? Dipping is enjoyable for all of us. There are so many things that go hand in hand with tobacco. It helps us lead a less stressful life and helps us cope with tough situations. Also, when we do all the fun things we love we throw in a pinch and those things become much more enjoyable. Basically, smokeless tobacco is your friend, there through thick and thin. But…you know that all of that is a lie.

The buzz was fun in the beginning, but now you just dip to not go into withdrawal. Chances are you haven’t had a nic buzz in years. In the back of your head you may be thinking that you are slowly killing yourself – and you are. You may get the big “C”, cancer. Maybe you have had a sore in your mouth that concerned you more that you let on. Have you ever had a lymph node in your neck get swollen for no reason? Maybe you already have high blood pressure or heart disease. Maybe its just time to turn over a new, healthier leaf.

Time to quit now or later?

The main thing held in common by all quitters is that they just get tired of being under the thumb of big tobacco. At some point we all wise up and realize that we are paying big, big money to harm ourselves. We are addicts that never miss a payment to big tobacco. We do this not to catch a buzz but to avoid the pain of screaming, starving nicotine receptors in our brain. Some people wise up and quit before they have major side effects of dipping (missing teeth, gum disease, etc.) and some don’t

Have you ever quit dipping before for a week or two and then cave? Most people who join a quit dipping website have quit dipping multiple times in the past only to cave and restart the cycle of active and inactive use. Why is it so hard? You get the nicotine out of your body in about three days, and although that is hard to do there is more to the story. The first three days is just the first step and yes, that is truly monumental. However, that is when those nicotine receptors really wake up. They are pissed off and they know they are starting to die. When you start dipping your brain actually grows thousands and thousands of extra nicotine receptors. This allows your body to take in more and more nicotine without getting the head spinning buzz and nausea.

When you dip for years and then cut the supply of nicotine in the bloodstream your body starts to go into physical withdrawal, and it is very real. So after three days, when there is zero nicotine left in your body is when people start to have the hardest time. Nobody knows for sure how long it takes for your brain to rewire itself. The most common timeline, we believe, is from one to three months after you quit dipping.

There is a whole lot of other things you should learn about when you stop dipping snuff. You are up against a stubborn, sneaky enemy that is disguised as your friend while secretly trying to kill you.

"You Got This" written in chalk for potential quitters of smokeless tobacco

Quitting smokeless tobacco forum

Let me explain how this works. The real support is in the “Community” section of this website. Here you will find members who have anywhere from a few days of quitting under their belts to thousands of days. We all stick together and we all hold each other accountable. Everyone here knows how to quit smokeless tobacco one day at a time, and we have all watched those days grow into impressive numbers.

Inside the “community” you find people who are really in your corner if you want to quit. You will get your own little quit posse and we want you to succeed. You will get the encouragement, guidance and help you need every step of the way. We come from all walks of life across the country.

Does this work?

Absolutely this works. We have a website full of people doing this every day. We don’t use tricks, gimmicks or short cuts – because these ways of quitting smokeless tobacco does not work. If you stick with this you WILL be able to stop dipping snuff. Additionally, you will also make some friends that will be there for you when you need help.

Today I am at 729 days of being tobacco free. Honestly, it wasn’t easy in the first couple of weeks but it did get better as time goes on. Without having a place to go and vent to other quitters when I was new would have been my downfall. Having your own ex dippers website and quit group is one of the strongest tools you can get when you decide to take on this addiction head on.

Look, dipping isn’t good for us and the side effects are well documented. There is a better way to live – I for one choose not to be a slave to a can of snuff anymore. Are you ready to quit smokeless tobacco? Are you ready to answer the question of how to quit dipping? If so, register and go to “community” to find your group. Make sure you check your spam folder after registering.

We also have a Facebook page if you want to drop in and say hello.

Quit Smokeless Tobacco

8 thoughts on “How to Quit Smokeless Tobacco Now”

    • Welcome Wolfe68 – make yourself to the forums and post up your daily promise. click “community” up tome then “Pre hall of fame – under 100 days”. This is your group for awhile. We got 3 other guys in there right now that are crushing it.

  1. Well I dipped for close to 40 years and quit for 2, but started back up when my son offered me some. I know I never should have and now I’m back in that “can’t quit” stage.
    I’ve been lying to my wife about it and it caused a huge blow up. She is an 11 year breast cancer survive and I’ve totally overlooked that with my thinking. I’ve not paid attention or worried about how it hurts her. I’ve been selfish beyond belief.
    I’d love to hear some success stories I can relate to my life and try to pattern.
    Thank you all in advance for the help, advice and words of encouragement.

    • That is unfortunately a common story – family wants us to quit but we keep on dipping and breaking promises year after year. Please make your way to the member forums and you will meet some quitters in their with similar stories. You can do this Sean.

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